Monday, May 4, 2015

The trip that changed everything...

I could talk for hours about my trip and the things I saw there.  I was so out of my element and He was doing things in me and through me that was so out of my character. He is BIG and He revealed so many things to me.
As I sit here and try to decipher how best to put into words the work going on through KCP (Kingdom Come Partners), I'm at a loss.  Shocking, I know - Abby Rambo Boerger at a loss for words! I'll do my best to give you a peek into this amazing organization and the people who act as the hands and feet of the funding and prayers.  I strongly encourage you checking out the website that Carol Lancaster (my friend, mentor, and founder) has created.  She tells her story about how it all began.
My version of the long and short of it.....
As I began to get to know Carol a few years ago, it was obvious within minutes that she has a passion for India and the epidemic of human trafficking that happens there.  She and her husband, Ken, have partnered with an AMAZING couple in India who have sacrificed the comforts they could easily have in order to care for "the least of these".  She is a doctor of economics & he has his masters from Oxford who live across the street from biggest slum in Delhi.  KCP has played a key-role (often singlehandedly) in developing a safe home for the girls, developing accommodations for trainings and gatherings, and with our church started a Bible College for developing men into mighty pastors of His Word.
On my recent trip, I was beyond humbled to get to serve alongside Carol and our friends there.  We took supplies for 3,500 kids to enjoy VBS and myself and two partners taught the 28 teachers.  I can't wait to see the pictures and hear the stories when they teach the kiddos!  We had a graduation ceremony for 20 pastors (including one woman!) as they have completed the 2-year training and will be planting churches across India.  One of my favorite times was getting to host a woman's gathering.  Women are not valued or respected there, so it was a privilege to speak life into them, encourage them, serve them, and simply sit at their feet. 
The absolute highlight of my trip was visiting the girls' safe home.  Wow.  Just wow.  These girls know way more heartache and darkness than we could ever even fathom.  Because of the strategic efforts of Carol & our team there, these girls have a safe & loving home to live, a top Christian education, clothes, food, and HOPE.  These girls do not have to fear sex slavery anymore.  The stories I have about these girls is heartbreaking, yet encouraging.  Our God is big and He is evident there despite the darkness of world around them.
I am called and am passionate to raise awareness and funding for this foundation.  Getting to experience it in person changed me forever. Thanks for reading - this the only way these girls can be heard.
Keeping the change,
Team 11 - March 2015

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